How Many Email Blasts Are Too Many?

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Have you ever experienced that moment when you open your inbox just to see another email from That One Company? Even worse is when you see two or three waiting for you. Getting flooded with marketing emails is annoying and can ultimately turn you away from a company altogether. So a major question for brokers is how do you build an email strategy for your commercial brokerage while also not bombarding people?

At PropertySend, we have learned how to adapt our own strategy to increase campaign effectiveness for our clients:

  • We limit the amount of campaigns we send per day based on engagement statistics and response rates.
  • We give recipients control over what they want to receive so they can define property emails by location, asset type, price, etc.
  • Email blasts come from you so instead of seeing all emails from “propertysend” they are seeing emails from you directly or your company name.

All of strategic changes have increased open rates, engagement, responses while decrease unsubscribes and abandonment.

So how many email blasts are too many?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask when you start planning your strategy for delivering commercial real estate email blasts.

A Glimpse into the Numbers

When it comes to marketing, especially for commercial real estate, it’s important to get information like new listings in front of as many eyes as possible and as much as possible. But you have to target your emails just like we do with our own database. If you don’t you’ll lose your subscribers and be left with no contacts to send to. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

A study done by Chadwick Martin Bailey found that 69% of email recipients unsubscribed from a mailing list due to an excess of eBlasts. That can be an alarming number, especially if you’re trying to generate exposure for your listing! That’s why we let recipients choose what they want to receive and our unsubscribe rate is so low. You must incorporate preferences and other control tools to give control back to your recipients. Then only send them what they have told you they want to receive. This is the only way to correctly use email marketing.

We do all of this for you when you send blasts through our platform.

How Much is Too Much?

So, how much exactly is too much? If you are working with your own email list, then you must monitor your engagement and response rates to determine the proper peak. Audiences in different markets expect a different amount of eBlasts. Demographics like age and gender also affect expectations. In commercial real estate, brokers and investors get a lot of listing emails and they expect them most of the time. That’s why the open rates remain steady even as the volume climbs. Very few industries support this trend. If you are letting recipients choose what they want to receive then the volume plays a much smaller role. One idea if you are doing your own list is consolidate multiple listings into 1 email.

With our platform, you don’t have to worry about this because we segment data and limit campaigns to 12-16 per day. We can’t serve as many clients like that but our clients are getting the best response possible.

How to Find the Magic Number

As mentioned above, the “right” number of eBlasts depends on a huge variety of different factors and considerations. To help you find your magical number, follow some of these tips:

  • Ask Your Subscribers – One of the most direct ways to find out what your subscribers want is by asking them. Put together a quick survey or simple email that allows the subscribers on your email list to tell you what they think is too much. Once you’ve gotten some concrete data, you can create a new eBlast strategy.
  • Set Clear Expectations – Subscribers often react poorly when they start receiving eBlasts they didn’t agree to receive, especially in high numbers. However, you can set proper expectations by clearly outlining what kind of eBlasts subscribers are signing up to receive. Include words like daily, weekly, or monthly in your subject line or signup list so subscribers know just how many emails are on the way.
  • Let Your Subscribers Change Preferences – Subscribers will engage with what they want to receive so let them tell you what listings to send them and your email success will go through the roof.
  • Run Tests – After creating a new strategy, choose a test group of contacts and run tests. Send eBlasts at different time intervals and closely monitor performance. You’ll soon be able to tell which time interval performed the best.
  • Adjust as Needed – Finally, don’t be afraid to adjust your strategy as needed. Any good strategy that involves commercial real estate email blasts should be flexible.

Need Help?

If you’re running into a dead end with your commercial real estate eBlasts, contact us and inquire about our Email Blast Service. We can create your eBlasts, schedule them to send at appropriate time intervals, and provide you real-time analytics to measure performance.

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