How to Generate More Leads in the Commercial Real Estate Industry

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When you are marketing commercial real estate properties for sale or lease, you have a couple of options. You could go the traditional route of endless cold calls, paper ads, and the congested property listing sites.

Or you could start generating more leads proactively by employing a far more direct method.

Email marketing has been around for a couple decades, now, and yet it remains an extremely effective lead generation method with a much higher ROI than other advertising methods.

At this point, you might be rolling your eyes and thinking “I have already tried email and it didn’t work.” However, not all email marketing platforms are created equal.

The simple fact is that an email blast can be highly effective for commercial real estate professionals when it’s used correctly and consistently, always employing new and different subject lines, content, and high-res photos.

How Does PropertySend’s Platform Help Generate Leads?

The PropertySend email blast platform has been specifically designed to help real estate agents and brokers increase the exposure for your listings and further expand your reach. Our easy-to-use, affordable email infrastructure is designed to:

  • Deploy your listings to our national, proprietary database of over 120,000 commercial real estate investors, owners, developers and brokers.
  • Write, preview, edit, and schedule your emails.
  • Allow any interested prospects to conveniently reply directly to you.
  • Use real-time analytics to measure the strengths of each campaign and identify the areas where improvements can still be made.

Make Your Listings More Visible

In addition to our email blast platform, PropertySend also offers a listing platform that goes beyond other, basic listing websites in the industry. While a brief, unspecific commercial real estate listing may have worked in the past to get people interested in coming out to view the property, that is not the case anymore.

The ease-of-access that is available to everyone online means that most real estate tenants are going to peruse online listings first, before they even consider visiting a location in person – and there’s a lot of competition to get noticed online.

Now, your listings need to be more thorough and include detailed specs, numerous pictures, a map of the building’s location and a clear price all. More than that, though, these listings need to be easy to find.

You can help your listings reach more people with PropertySend’s easy-to-use and affordable commercial real estate listing interface. This system has several options that can help optimize your listings and increase their overall exposure and effectiveness.

Some of these features include:

  • Broker contact information
  • Attachment options with additional property specs and notes
  • Unlimited property images
  • Google Maps display
  • Free property search

Nurturing Your Leads

If you are prospecting for buyers or owners as new clients, your emails can help establish you (or your brokerage) as the one that can help them acquire or sell the properties that meet their needs. The content you provide can do a lot to nurture your leads and keep them engaged with you while they’re examining their commercial real estate options.

If you have properties to market, your email blasts will allow you to put your property listings and brochure directly in front of brokers, owners, and investors nationwide. Plus email is very trackable – easily measure your results.

If you’ve found yourself stuck waiting for potential leads to return calls or for a regular commercial real estate listing to deliver some kind of measurable results, it may be time to try a better way to reach buyers, brokers, and owners.

Check out our email blast and commercial real estate listing platforms to see how we can help.

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