16 Tools That Make Life as A Commercial Real Estate Investor, Seller or Broker Easier

17 tools that mkae life as a commercial real estate investor, seller or broker easier

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Whether you are looking for new properties to invest in or new tenants for the properties you already have purchased, there’s a lot of work and communication that goes into commercial real estate.

With technology, it is easier, quicker and more efficient to reach out to commercial property owners, tenants and market your commercial real estate listings. The key is to find the best ones for you.

The number of available commercial real estate marketing tools out there can seem overwhelming.

Here is a list of some of our favorite commercial real estate tools you might want to look into:


  1. PropertySend

PropertySend’s affordable email blast and property listing platform is specially designed for the commercial real estate industry. It allows CRE professionals to send out detailed emails about their listings to a database of more than 120,000 interested commercial real estate brokers, buyers, agents, developers and owners.


  1. The Analyst Pro

This application provides multiple tools including Lease vs. Own Analysis, Location Risk Analysis, Investment Calculators, and much more. It is a subscription model and you can choose between a monthly and yearly subscription. This tool not only helps communicate with tenants, but it also will allow you to be more knowledgeable when investing in properties.


  1. BLDUP

Here you can find real-time information on real estate development projects. Just search for the project, and you can find the Architects, Developers, General Contractors on the project. You can also find general information on the property as well as important dates and other figures.


  1. Visual Lease

This is a lease accounting and management software, for making sense of things on your balance sheet when you have multiple properties to keep track of. They have two solutions: one provides calculations and reports for all lease and asset types, and the other helps with real estate portfolio administration and strategic planning. These solutions include forecasting, expense audits, a lease project tracker, and more.


  1. Scanbot

As a commercial real estate professional, you’re likely out and about looking at properties to potentially purchase or showing property to potential tenants. Not always having access to a computer or printer can make scanning documents difficult, if not impossible.

With the Scanbot app, you can scan documents on your phone with a simple picture. After taking a picture of the document, it can be saved as a PDF and sent to your DropBox to be shared with your team.


  1. Canva

Create professional and eye-catching graphics and marketing materials with Canva. This free Photoshop-like program is easy to use and lets you create and save custom templates, making it easy to create brochures, announcements, newsletters, photo collages, social graphics, ads and more in a jiffy.


  1. ProspectNow

ProspectNow helps you identify properties that are the most likely to be on the market in the next 12 months, so you can have a head start on other investors looking to buy. ProspectNow does this using hundreds of data points from properties that are actually selling, and uses an algorithm to compare those characteristics to properties that have yet to sell.


  1. Rofo

Rofo is a free and easy way to search for commercial properties. You simply describe what you need, where you need it, and when you want it. Then use their filtering options to find and compare the right commercial properties for you to invest in. It is a simple, free tool, but is used by the largest community of property owners and their representatives.


  1. Xero

As a commercial real estate owner, payroll, invoicing, documenting expenses and claims can be more of a challenge than with a traditional business.

Xero can organize all your basic financial and accounting documents for you, decreasing the time searching for documents and more time setting appointments with brokers and tenants.


  1. CreModels

Managing commercial real estate involves a lot of number crunching. If you want to sell your commercial property or entice businesses to lease space, you need to make sure you have all the stats, figures, numbers, comps and specs readily available and in an organized, easy-to-read, professional manner.

Microsoft Excel is a great program for creating charts and graphs as well as organizing numbers. As powerful and useful Excel is, many don’t fully utilize and harness its advantages. CreModels, on the other hand has built a real estate model program on Microsoft Excel. With this program you can harness all the capabilities of Excel to impress investors, buyers and tenants.


  1. BuildOut

Commercial real estate marketing consists of endless marketing materials like websites, listings, brochures, flyers, proposals and more. It may seem impossible to keep all the information on your marketing materials current while also maintaining your brand image.

Luckily, BuildOut created a commercial marketing platform in which you plug in your updated listing and brand information, and it automatically gets updated across all your marketing materials, saving you time and giving you (and prospective buyers) the peace of mind that all your marketing materials are up-to-date.


  1. Argus

If you’re looking to purchase commercial real estate, you want to know all there is about the building and land and assess the costs and potential risks. Argus is a handy commercial real estate program that organizes, streamlines and gathers important comps and figures for Risk management, asset valuation, cash flow, budgeting and transaction management.


  1. CreOp

You want to get great deals on your commercial real estate property and you want to close the deal fast. A popular way to get investors interested in your property is through presentations and by handing out information books packed with detailed specs and comps compiled in a beautiful and professional layout.

CreOp helps you create those positive first impressions with investors and makes your property shine by collecting and compiling all the numbers and statistics for you and organizing them in detailed, professional presentations, pamphlets, brochures and information books that can be given to potential commercial real estate property buyers.


  1. CompStak

Gathering all the comps and crunching all the numbers for your commercial property in order to interest investors or those to lease an area of your property can be tedious and time-consuming.

In the midst of crunching those numbers, mistakes can happen. These mistakes or lack of detailed information can be a deal-breaker.

With CompStak commercial property software, your important statistics, figures, numbers and comps will be automatically gathered, analyzed and displayed via computer.

These accurate and fast comps will help commercial real estate owners close deals quicker.


  1. LandVision (DigMap)

Give potential real estate investors and property tenants an idea of the layout and the surrounding land of a property with LandVision’s (also known as DigMap) sophisticated mapping software. The mapping software shows investors detailed online and parcel geographic data.


  1. CoStar

The CoStar commercial real investment program provides comps, market analytics, investment analysis, lease accounting, portfolio strategy and more to brokerage firms, commercial real estate owners, multifamily property managers, lenders, institutional investors and appraisers and valuation professionals.


Whether you’re new to commercial real estate or you’re a veteran and need some more inspiration, feel free to contact us at PropertySend today and our experienced commercial real estate professionals would be more than happy to help you out.

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